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The disposal and processing of factory waste is an important responsibility for many companies, but due to strict regulations also a major concern.

We gladly take this care off your hands. Our specially equipped storage and transfer areas of 5000 and 8000 m2 represent a wide range of products of very good qualities.

If you have questions about disposal / processing or our very competitive market prices, please contact us;

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Trading company J. Kelders BV
NIWO reg. NB504970VIHB

We are specialized in the removal, storage and transfer of waste metals and scrap iron

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Acceptance conditions

Acceptance conditions for waste metals
The following (hazardous substances) and / or materials are not accepted by us;

Materials containing or containing asbestos

Radioactive material

Munitions and / or explosives

Materials with or suspected of toxic substances and / or odors


Liquids such as (contaminated) water, oils etc.

PVC, Plastic, Household waste, Wood, Bitumen, Insulation material and / or Rubber.

Safes, Safes, Refrigerators and TV tubes

Car wrecks

Tires from cars, trucks, tractors or other vehicles

Acceptance only according to the standard below;

Oil tanks (clean and empty) must be supplied incl. Original cleaning certificate from a licensed company incl.

Oxygen cylinders, gas cylinders, pressure tanks / cylinders must be supplied ground open / valves must be dismantled

Barrels, cans and other packaging must be open, empty and clean, rinsed or scraped clean if necessary

Copper-containing species must be offered in accordance with regulations, accompanied by identification

Ferro and nonferro must be offered separately, if this is not the case, the lowest ranking will be paid by us.

If during or after receipt of a delivery already made it appears that the material offered does not meet the above acceptance conditions, the supplier can be held liable for all resulting costs.

Costs of all dirt deduction items as mentioned above are calculated in accordance with annual indexation of a customer to be determined by us. Costs can, if necessary, be adjusted at any time in accordance with indexing.