Metal recycling

The drain and waste processing plant for many businesses is an important responsibility, but because of strict regulations also a major concern.

We like to take it off your hands.
Our special constructed Discharge & Threatmentcenter of 8000m2 requires to the rules of enviroment and safety
( KOMO BRL1151 & WF98-01)

Do you have more questions about discharge or threatments, or about our special sharp market prices, please contact:

Handelsonderneming J. Kelders BV
Kleine Broekstraat 20
5831 AP Boxmeer
VIHB nr: NB504970VIHB

tel : 0031 (0) 485 571416
fax: 0031 (0) 485 574522

Our recycle-departement is specialized in the discharge and threatment of ferr and non-ferro Plant waste of oa:

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Purchase - Storage - Handling of:

• Aluminium ( all kinds ), incl. turning sorts
• Demolition parts & refining ( All kinds ) Computerwaste - Print boards etc.
• Electric cable
• Electric motors
• Iron ( All kinds ), incl. turning sorts
• Lead
• Red Copper - Yellow copper - All kind of copper alloys
• Stainless steel ( all kinds )
• Zinc