For a Dutch relationship, we were able in week 25 and 26, to load an order with final destination the Philippines, an order of 9 loads with industrial-related products like;
- 28 (sheet-chipforming) metalworking machines
- 11 generatorsets
- Div. industrial parts and steel
In total some 150 items with a total weight of approximately 160 tons over 9 shipments…
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26 June 2019
In Week 23, 2015 we welcomed our new 3 tons LPG forklift: a new ( 2015 model) Hyster 3.0FT…
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For a large Turkish construction company we were in week 23 and 24 June 2015 provide an order of 18x 40 "feeth containers with radiator cores. A large organization spread over 10 days, with a total mass of 408,000 kg net.
In total, around 14,500 units have been loaded into 18 containers.…
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